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About Us

Cloud Mining develops software for cloud mining and ensures maintenance of the equipment in the data center. Our mission is to make the production of crypto-currencies accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, investment value or technical skills. We hope to contribute to the development of mining technology, maintenance and development of digital currency and Bitcoin economic network. Our team wants to give their clients the opportunity to try to earn an income from mining. Cloud mining offers a unique opportunity for easy entry, minimal risk and costs associated with the support and service of mining equipment. Due to the complex nature of the mining process, as well as dependence on different factors (eg the complexity of extracting Bitcoin, criptomoeda rate, etc.), it is difficult to predict the amount of payments very accurately, but Cloud Mining has target an annual return on investment of 300% for our customers. If you have any questions or queries about Bitcoin's Cloud Mining or mining services in general, our team will be happy to respond.